Voices of Culture – Status & Working Conditions of Artists, Cultural and Creative Professionals

EU Commission structured dialogue with the European creative sector, starting in April 2021

​Culture Action Europe, IAA Europe and IETM have been selected as participating organizations in the “Voices of Culture” structured dialogue between the European Commission and the European cultural and creative sector on the “Status and Working Conditions of Artists and Cultural and Creative Professionals” in 2021.

The first digital Brainstorming Meeting takes place on 27.04.2021/ 28.04.2021, followed up by a Dialogue Meeting in Brussels on 29.06.2021.

We are actively following the process a.o. in the IAA Europe Executive Committee and are happy to communicate results with our partners in Germany.

View here a list of all participating organizations. In January Voices of Culture 2021 had published a call for applications for participation in those meetings.

What is Voices of Culture?

More information here.

Study “Status and working conditions of artists…”

IAA Europe had already contributed its expertise in 2020 in the preparation of the European Commission study “The status and working conditions of artists and cultural and creative professionals”, more information here.

See also our post on the issue December last year here.