On the Move General Assembly 2017 in Cardiff, Wales

On the Move’s General Assembly and related meetings were held in Cardiff, Wales on 5-6 April 2017. ITI Germany and IGBK were present. The new elected board consists of: Anna Galas-Kosil (President), Pavla Petrova (Secretary), Marie Fol (Treasurer), Anaïs Lukacs, Yohann Floch, Elena Di Federico and Kamma Siegumfeldt (Administrators). Fove working groups have been set up: 1) Mobility Information points’ subgroup: coordinators: Jana Grünewald/Christine Heemsoth (ITI/IGBK)
2) Communication: Marion Marchand (Circostrada) on the basis of what has been carried out with the Luxembourg workshops in 2012 and 2014
3) Visas and freedom of movement: Reinier Klok (DutchCulture)
4) Advocacy: Elena Di Federico (IETM)

See On The Move activities and information at: http://on-the-move.org

On the Move meeting in Berlin, 2-4 November

ITI is hosting On the Move’s mobility info points – organisations mostly or partly dealing with providing free information on administrative aspects related to cultural mobility for a meeting in Berlin.

Beyond sharing experiences to strengthen the capacity of European mobility info points (expertise, service provision, communication etc.), the different representatives will interact with ENICPA members at ITI premices on 2 November afternoon and take part on 4 November in a workshop related to artists‘ mobility and social protection (organised by IGBK)